Believing is seeing.

All-speaker design. Longest life ever in a party. Memorable performance. Studio-quality audio and LED walls. AEN Live lighting. It’s a brilliant upgrade.

Smarter ways to light. When you work with AEN Live, our team suggests which lighting system might work for you, so you can quickly get the party going.

The MAC Viper introduces a dramatic new look for your show. It’s thoughtfully designed to make every element on the LED screen easier on your eyes and is seamlessly integrated throughout the event.

"AEN is fantastic. We find ourselves calling them back more than any of the rest. The service they provide is amazing; the sound, lighting, and production beats any of the other companies we've worked with."
"I can't believe how much of the classic concert experience I've been missing. I saw things I never knew were possible at this price point. I absolutely recommend AEN Live and I'm grateful for the work they do."
-Liberty Mutual
"AEN Live is excellent. The speedy customer service is a huge plus. We've been using them for years now, which kicks things up an additional notch in the sound department. AEN Live is unbeatable, and the overall consensus here is that they're amazing."

Advanced production.

Augmented LED.

We introduced the new AR670 LED Wall and the FH 600 LED suit. So you can have the best experience when you pick your lighting system.

Create the show you want.